DIY VIDEO: Trailer Park Vampire

New Web Series! Share your DIY Videos with the GUITAR PLAYER community!
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From time to time, I get requests from Guitar Player readers to view their DIY videos, such as this one from Tupelo, Mississippi's Trailer Park Vampire.

I'm always thinking, "What should I do with all of these?"

And my brain snaps into action and screams at me, "You have a GP website, dumb ass—SHARE them!"

So here's the deal: Send me a email at with the subject line: DIY VIDEO, and a link to your YouTube video, and I may embed your project into an article page and share it with the GP community.

I only ask that you also share the link on your social pages so that as many peeps as possible can see the video, and you can brag that GP showcased your work.

But be forewarned: The guitar community has proven it can be extremely mean spirited about other guitarists' chops, tone, and presentation, so if you're fearful of criticism, perhaps this isn't the venue for you.

Without further ado, here's Trailer Park Vampire. Please let us know your thoughts...