DIY VIDEO: Jon Kabbash

Check out this "Groovy Dubstep..."
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Got this just in time to kick off the weekend...

Jon Kabbash — a Facebook friend from Atlanta, Georgia — tagged me on his "Groovy Dubstep" video, and, as a child of the '60s was says "groovy" way too often in everyday conversation, how could I not check this out.

To cut the track, Kabbash used his Suhr Modern Spalted Maple guitar, a Kemper Profiler, an Eventide H9, a Universal Audio Apollo recording interface, and Steinberg Cubase.

"I stood in front of my iPad to film the video," says Kabbash. "The skeleton face mask is a nod to the Navy Seals, and I wore a Seals baseball cap. I enjoy editing music and editing videos in Final Cut. It relaxes me."

Well, I dig "Groovy Dubstep," and I hope you do, too!

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