Dean Markley, the Man, Is Back


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dean Markley Strings Inc., the company welcomes back its founder and president, Dean Markley.

A pioneer in the world of guitar strings and accessories, Markley began his trajectory as a music store owner. He made his name in the music industry by developing and selling his cryogenically frozen Blue Steel strings, which became the largest-selling strings in the world. He also created the Voice Box effects pedal made famous by Peter Frampton in the 1970s on the hit song “Show Me The Way.” This was only the beginning of what continues to be a groundbreaking career.

Dean Markley Strings Inc., based in Santa Clara, California, quickly became an international success, thanks to Markley’s innovative designs and unique advancements for fretted instruments. Countless musicians, from metal to classical, swear by Dean Markley strings, pickups, amplifiers, tuners and picks in order to get the best possible sounds from their guitars, basses, banjos and mandolins.

Markley left the company in 2002. In October 2007, San Jose Rocks honored him for his many contributions to the history and growth of the Silicon Valley music scene. During his time away, his passion for music and creativity remained strong, ultimately leading to his return to helm the company he founded.

Forty years later, Dean Markley—the man and the company—is still a leader. “The products we make bring happiness to our customers,” he says. “We sell happiness.”

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