David Gilmour's Wife Leaks Studio Photo

Polly Samson leaks a photo of her husband David Gilmour in the studio on Instagram.

If you're a rock star attempting to record your next album in secret, don't invite Polly Samson to the studio.

Yep. David Gilmour's novelist wife recently posted a photo of the Pink Floyd guitar hero leading background vocalists Durga McBroom, Sarah Brown, and Louise Clare Marshall through a track.

"Guess what?" said McBroom of the snapshot. "This is me, Sarah Brown, Louise Clare Marshall, and this funny dude we found strumming a guitar near a recording studio in Hove, Brighton. His wife Polly leaked the photo on Instagram. Naughty girl!"

Gilmour buddy Graham Nash broke the news as far back as late 2013 that the guitarist was recording a new album, but there has been no official confirmation to date.

Gilmour's last album and tour was for 2006's On An Island.