Dave Mustaine Tells Why He Fired Guitar Tech After Last Night's Megadeth Show | VIDEO

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Dave Mustaine is looking for a new guitar tech, but chances are that’s not a gig you want. Just take a look at the video below.

In it, Mustaine explains in excruciating detail why he fired the tech, who he says ruined Megadeth’s gig in Brisbane, Australia, last night.

“You guys ever have an experience where you are in a clutch moment and you have somebody there that’s like your wheel-man and the guy just turns out to be a total fucking dew claw? Like a totally waste of skin and life,” Mustaine says in the clip.

“Well, that was my guitar tech tonight and I fired his ass, and I apologize to the people here in Brisbane. We’ll make it up to you sometime, maybe it’ll be in Hawaii when we luau this fat pig’s ass.

“I’m sorry, Megadeth is much better than what we appeared tonight.”