Dave Grohl Stops Show to Fulfill Blind Fan’s Request


Dave Grohl’s reputation as a fun-loving guy and all-around righteous dude was secured ages ago.

And it was on display last week during the Foo Fighters’ performance in Sydney, when he took a moment out of the show to give a drumstick to a blind fan in the audience.

“There’s a guy in the front row,” Grohl told the audience of more than 50,000 people, explaining his actions. “He’s got a sign that says, ‘Drumstick for a blind guy please?’ ”

Grohl was happy to oblige. “Hey, Hawkins!” he called to drummer Taylor Hawkins. “Give me a drumstick.” He handed the stick to the man as the crowd cheered on.

Grohl’s patronage to his fans knows no bounds. In August 2012, he was photographed as he reached into the crowd to top off a fan’s beer.