Botswanan Guitarist Demonstrates Amazing "Knuckle Roll" Technique

See a demonstration of Ronnie Moipolai's amazing "knuckle roll" acoustic technique.
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Ronnie Moipolai is a Botswanan guitarist who plays in open tuning with the fretting hand over the top of the fretboard. It’s a stunt move we’ve seen pulled off by everyone including EVH, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Preston Reed, Glenn Proudfoot and Michael Angelo Batio, but it’s something else to see it used as a player’s sole fretting technique.

What’s even more interesting is the knuckle roll that he performs at points throughout the video, including at 0:35 and 2:08, when fretting the low string. Check out some of his other moves, including slapping the low string and using the back of the hand as a slide.

Ronnie performs with his brother Kebabonye. You can find other videos featuring them on YouTube.