Boom Box Tribunal: Are the Struts Queen Reimagined?

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Every musician carries influences and inspiration within, and, at times, those artistic touchstones are clearly obvious. This is not necessarily a bad thing. (Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan anyone?)

Of course, it comes down to the audience whether a musical homage evolves the sound of a beloved band into something new and exciting, or retreads a style that was best left to the originators.

As for England's the Struts, there is definitely a strong Queen vibe in their sound, and the media has been all over singer Luke Spiller’s Freddie Mercury impressions — vocal style, stage moves, and even a physical/facial resemblance. In 2016, "Could Have Been Me" — the single off their debut album, Everybody Wants — logged upwards of 5.6 million views on YouTube. The audience has spoken? 

The just-released "One Night Only" from the band's upcoming sophomore release displays even more overt Queen influences than "Could Have Been Me." Guitarist Adam Slack even does a nice nod to Brian May during his solo at 2:24.

So what do you think? Great to have a young band carrying the torch for the sound of Queen, or "No, thanks — I'll just spin Sheer Heart Attack again"?