Blake Shelton Catches Fan’s Bra on His Guitar, Stops Show

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Country music star Blake Shelton’s intimate set at Fargodome last Saturday, September 24, apparently got a little too intimate.

Shelton was performing a solo set during the concert in Fargo, North Dakota, when someone in the audience tossed a large—and we mean large—bra onto the stage. As the device sailed through the air, it caught one of the tuning keys on Shelton’s acoustic guitar and became hooked.

Shelton stopped performing and lifted the guitar to take a better look at it, as the crowd roared with laughter. His tech came out and promptly exchanged the guitar for another.

As the tech headed backstage, Shelton remarked, “You can use that as a hammock back there.”

Instagram user JessJ680 caught the whole thing on camera and notes that it was the woman next to her that threw the undergarment.

Have a look.

A video posted by Jessica Jordan (@jessj680) on Sep 24, 2016 at 8:42pm PDT