B.B. King's Daughters Are Unhappy with Inheritance, Says King's Attorney


B.B. King’s daughters are claiming the blues legend was murdered because they’re unhappy with their inheritance, according to an attorney for King’s estate.

“My guess is the children and grandchildren don’t like the fact he’s leaving them $3,000 and $5,000 each and then leaving the rest to his lineage for education,” lawyer Brent Bryson told the New York Daily News. King’s formal education was hampered by the absence of his parents and his need to care for himself at an early age. Bryson says the guitarist established a trust to pay for his family’s college education and expenses.

King died May 14 at age 89. 

King’s daughters Patty King and Karen Williams have signed affidavits claiming their father was poisoned by his manager, LaVerne Toney, and personal assistant, Myron Johnson, causing his death. The coroner of Clark County Nevada has performed an autopsy on King and announced on May 25 that it is investigating the matter as a homicide.

In a statement first reported on RollingStone.com, Bryson called those allegations “baseless and unfounded and...unsupported in reality.”

He noted that King died peacefully in his sleep and was monitored on a 24-hour basis by Certified Nursing Assistants. The 89-year-old guitarist was also visited regularly by registered nurses and evaluated by three independent doctors in the days prior to his death. In Bryson’s statements, the doctors are quoted saying that King was being treated appropriately in the days prior to his death.

“Unfortunately even musical icons die,” Bryson’s statement concludes. “Ms. Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr. King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr. King's wishes after his death.”