Are These the Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs of All Time?

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PHOTO: Kevin Mazur | Getty Images

If you had to pick the top 10 heavy metal guitar riffs of all time, where would you begin? Obviously, you'd need to include some Metallica, a touch of Judas Priest and a sprig of Black Sabbath (of course), etc. But what's Number 10? Number 8? Number 7? You get the idea.

About three years ago, the gang at—an organization that makes top-10 lists out of pretty much anything (including spaceships and explosions)—took a stab at assembling their own "top 10 heavy metal guitar riffs" list.

They—and we don't even know if "they" play guitar—started off by placing Dio's "Holy Diver" at Number 10, followed by Number 9, Motorhead's "Ace of Spades." We'll let you take it from there. Please, however, tell us what you think of their 10 picks—either in the comments below or on Facebook.

Note that the WatchMojo gang tried to keep it to one song per band, and they excluded instrumental songs, which is probably a good idea. Better luck next time, "Narita" by Riot!



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