Aqueous Premiere Three New Tracks

Hear the second "wave" of songs from the Buffalo band's new album, 'Color Wheel.'
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Today, we've teamed up with Buffalo rockers Aqueous to premiere three new songs from their new album, Color Wheel. You can check them out below.

"Split the Difference," "Color Wheel" and "Good Enough" are the second "wave" of tracks Aqueous have premiered from Color Wheel, with the third wave (the rest of the album) arriving on October 12.

Aqueous' guitarist, Mike Gantzer, broke down the creation of each of the three tracks for Guitar Player.

"For 'Split The Difference,' it was our first jump into more of a hip-hop/electronic based type of groove, and I wanted to have the guitar be more of a layer than it is in a typical AQ song. I used a Boss DD-7 delay for some ambiance, a Digitech Whammy in the “double octave” setting to trip it out a little, and a Phase 95 on the “45” setting to keep it smooth and help the keys have a stronger foundation. All of that was played on the rosewood Fender Am-deluxe Strat.

"'Color Wheel'" is a bit more progressive in its arrangement and has a lot of riffs coming in and out. The guitars in play are the Gibson SG, and Dave (Loss, the band's other guitarist) used his main PRS 408. We wanted rounder, warmer tones, so a lot of neck pickup sounds are going on here. I used my Maxon VOP-9 for the bulk of the OD sounds, and Dave used an old ProCo Rat to layer the chorus a little thicker. He’s also got a Maxon phaser running for a lot of the background guitar layers, too. For the solo, I used the SG through a vintage Mesa “Son of Boogie” amp with the Maxon drive cranked, plus a Rothwell Lovesqueeze compressor to help push the sustain a bit.

“'Good Enough' was inspired a bit by Wilco, and we were kind of looking for a 'less is more' approach to guitars compared to the rest of the album. I used the SG again with a vintage Fender Princeton amp that was chilling over at GCR Audio (where we cut the record) and an old Guild acoustic to bring a nice contrast layer to the electric tone."

You can preorder Color Wheel on vinyl here, and check out the band's extensive itinerary below.

For more on Aqueous, head on over to their Facebook page.