This is really a "can't miss" experience for instrumental guitar fans and those interested in wonderful hybrids of music and art. 

I saw an early version of Andy Summers' one-man show last year when I presented him with GP's 2017 Certified Legend Award at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The concert is a breathtaking melange of Summers' instrumental compositions from his recent Triboluminescence album (performed almost sorcerer-like by him, a guitar, and his career-spanning expertise with signal processing), projections of his award-winning photography, and stories from his musical past, present, and future. I'm admittedly a Summers fan, but his playing; his atmospheric, cinematic, and gritty guitar tones; the often vibey and mysterious impact of his photography; and the chance to hear the man himself talk about all things guitar and art makes for a truly compelling multimedia experience. 

As a journalist and unrepentant evangelist of the guitar, I also appreciate that Summers is exploring other options for deploying guitar music to audiences than the conventional "come hear my band" approach—much as I love seeing killer musical groups, as well. 

"This year I am going out with a show I’ve wanted to do for a very long time—a solo-multimedia performance where I will play to my own photography which I have shot all over the world since the 1980s," says Summers. "I tried out this exotic visual/musical mix at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles last year, and it went so well that I have expanded and built on the idea. I will also be doing a Q&A and reading some dark tales that have twisted music—and there will be a couple of other surprises." 


April 14, 2018: The Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS.

April 19, 2018: The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS.

BONUS!!! The San Francisco show has just been added as a GUITAR PLAYER PRESENTS event—which means Editor in Chief Michael Molenda and GP PRESENTS honcho and FRETS editor Jimmy Leslie will be on hand to pass out magazines and prizes, as well as just say "hello" to GP Presents attendees and everyone else in the joint.

[Learn more about Triboluminescence]