Adrian Belew's FIRST Beatles Concert!

Adrian Belew remembers his first concert ever!

Adrian Belew just posted this note on Facebook about his first live concert...

"The December 2015 issue of Guitar Player magazine arrived today with a cover story about the Beatles gear.

"These pictures were taken at Crosley Field in Cincinnati on August 21, 1966.

"It was my first concert ever!

"I stayed overnight in the parking lot to get my ticket. The stage in the middle of the baseball field looked about the size of a bar of soap. They sounded like they were playing through a transistor radio, but it didn't matter—all 22,000 of us stood up and screamed through the entire concert. Mass hysteria. One of the most memorable days of my life!"

*Photos courtesy of Beatles Gear: The Ultimate Edition by Andy Babiuk.

See the exclusive preview of the book in the December 2015 issue of Guitar Player!

The Beatles LIVE IN MUNICH from the same year...

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