81-Year-Old Man Picks Up Guitar and Shreds in Nashville Guitar Shop | VIDEO


Bob Wood has become something of an Internet sensation ever since the folks at British Audio Service in Nashville uploaded a video of the 81-year-old's impromptu performance at their shop.

In the video, shown below, Bob performs “Bésame Mucho” on an Epiphone archtop. The song was written in 1940 by Consuelo Velázquez and was actually a standard in the Beatles’ set list when they performed at the Cavern and in Hamburg.

Little was known about Wood before the video was posted. According to Melanie Wood Moody, one of Bob’s nine children, he was signed as a regular performer at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, WV, in 1970, and performed for 10 years.

In 1975 and 1976, he was awarded Entertainer of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Inc. In 2007, Bob was inducted into The Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame. He has cut several albums, including Bob Wood Plays It Cool.

For more about British Audio Service, head to BritishAudioService.com and visit their YouTube channel.