It's the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' Death

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Elvis Presley — The "King" — ended a historic and world-changing musical career in a very sad manner on this day in 1977, when his bloated, drug-poisoned body was found hunched in front of his toilet at his Graceland home. 

The Elvis who passed on that day was a far cry from the vibrant, sexy, and energetic rocker who changed rock and roll back in the early 1950s. His impact on pop culture was so enormous, however, that he continued to sell significant amounts of records — and even win Grammys — right up until his death, even as his body and his voice failed him much more often than it reminded fans of his glory days.

But, on the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death, let's celebrate the ferocious talent that helped kick off an entire rock industry, and, with the brilliant Scotty Moore on guitar, pointed a beam from those early concerts and television shows right to the music we are making today.