15-Year-Old Teen Tina S. Shreds DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” (VIDEO)

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French teenage shredder Tina S. has earned a cult following with her covers of Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai. Now she’s back with a new video.

This time, the 15-year-old virtuoso plays the lead guitar to the DragonForce track “Through the Fire and Flames.” The song is from the band’s 2005 album, Inhuman Rampage, and features twin guitar solos by Herman Li and Sam Totman. Tina dispatches both solos with her characteristic cool.

If you want to cut to the solos, advance to 4:00 and try to keep your jaw from dropping.

Tina plays a Vigier Excalibur Custom and was filmed by her guitar instructor, Renaud Louis-Servais.

She’s previously tackled Van Halen’s “Eruption,” Steve Vai’s adaptation of Paganini’s 5th Caprice, and Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Arpeggios from Hell,” to name a few.

To see more, visit Tina’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.