1,000 Italian Musicians Perform Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly" | VIDEO


Here’s something you don’t see every day: 1,000 excited Italian musicians performing the Foo Fighters’ song “Learn to Fly,” from 1999’s There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

The video, shot on July 26 in Cesena, Italy, was created by Fabio Zaffagnini and Rockin'1000 to entice the Foo Fighters to perform in Cesena, yet another corner of the world that Dave Grohl and his bandmates have conquered without actually visiting.

“I guess this video is going to be seen by millions of people all over the world,” Zaffagnini says at the end of the clip. ���But to be true it was conceived to be addressed just to five people: Chris, Pat, Nate, Taylor and Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters.

“You know, Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true, but it’s a land of passion and creativity. So what we did here is a huge miracle. I have been working on this f—king project for more than one year, waking up every morning thinking about how to make it real.

“One thousand rockers that came from all over the nation at their own expenses … for one song, your song. So our call is to ask you, the Foo Fighters, to come play for us in Cesena.”

The ball is in Grohl’s court. We'll update you if or when we know more.