Steve Lukather’s Guitar from Toto’s “Rosanna”—Isolated!

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PHOTO: Scott Legato | Getty Images

Christian Hand appeared on KSWD’s Mark in the Morning program in February 2016, and spent some time dissecting Toto’s 1982 monster hit “Rosanna.”

The clip from the show, below, features each of the instruments soloed out one at a time. Steve Lukather’s guitar parts begin at 5:00, starting with his verse guitar. It’s followed by his lead guitar from the song’s ending, beginning here at 6:20.

“It’s like 53 guitar solos in one,” says one of the presenters before they play it once again.

Incidentally, the laughter you hear is the laughter of amazement—because Luke’s shredding here is otherworldly. The presenters note that Luke was invited to appear on the show but couldn’t make it because he was in “eff-in Des Moines.”

Check it out. You can also hear Luke’s guitar part without commentary in the YouTube clip below.