Man Plays “Eye of the Tiger” on the Great Wall of China


We have no idea what prompted Igor Presnyakov to play “Eye of the Tiger” on the Great Wall of China. It’s not even the Year of the Tiger (2015 is the Year of the Sheep). Maybe it had something to do with Siberian Tigers who roam near the wall, waiting for errant tourists (we’re not making this up).

Igor was born in Moscow, where he studied classical music. He eventually relocated to the Netherlands to further his career, which now spans 35 years.

Igor doesn’t say what brought him to China, but judging by the way he’s looking around. and the numerous cuts that show him playing in different locations on the wall, it seems he was afraid he might get caught.

Is performing on the wall a crime? Whether it is or isn’t, Igor, we applaud you. Check out his YouTube page for more.