Joe Gore's Tone Fiend Blog: The Pagey Project

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 If you haven't yet checked out the fabulously informative blog called "Tone Fiend," which is hosted by guitarist, producer, journalist, pedal builder, and tireless tech head Joe Gore, now is great time to do so as Joe delves into one of the heaviest guitar mods of all time. It's called The Pagey Project, and it recreates the original wiring scheme in Jimmy Page's Les Paul.

In this first installment you can see the full DIY article by Duncan's wiring whiz Scott Miller, which he did for GP in 2008. You can also watch a video of Joe demoing some of the sounds on a Les Paul and read his detailed notes on doing the procedure. And even if you decide not to attempt the surgery yourself, you will learn a ton about adding some serious sonic flexibility to your Les Paul (or other dual-humbucker guitar), and you may well find yourself a devotee of Tone Fiend, which is loaded to the gunwales with great info on guitars, basses, pickups, pedals, mods, and more . . .

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