Guitar Player Live is this Week!

Don’t miss this fabulous celebration of music, gear, and guitars. The big event is September 11-13 in Livermore, California. Heck, they’re closing the entire downtown area for this festival.

This is the obvious reason we’re all excited about GUITAR PLAYER LIVE! — guitars. Depending upon who wields it, these chameleonic planks can be weapons of rebellion, symbols of sophistication, buoyant groove machines, or instruments of exquisite beauty. For more than 42 years, Guitar Player magazine has honored these sirens made of wood, and the obsessed artists who play them. We’ve taken our mission outside the pages of the magazine to launch this event—produced in partnership with our wonderful friends at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, and sponsors Voyage-Air Guitar, DigiTech, and Mesa/Boogie. It’s always a bit of a nail-biter doing something for the first time, but we’ve tried hard to give all guitar fans something groovy to experience! For more information, click here