Your Own Private Audio Sennheiser system personalizes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex

WHEN YOU GENUFLECT IN FRONT OF JEFF BECK’S STRIPPED, Rough and Ready-era Strat at New York’s new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex, the sounds of “Beck’s Bolero” will be pumping through your head, thanks to Sennheiser’s guidePORT system. “The guide- PORT tour guide system takes what would either be a static read-only exhibition, or one that has many noisy and conflicting audio sources, and transforms it into a personal experience for the rock and roll fan,” explained David McNutt, industry team leader for installed sound at Sennheiser. As you approach the “live” areas around each exhibit, the appropriate audio is fed to a wireless receiver hung around your neck. Moving from Pete Townsend’s Les Paul Deluxe to Buddy Holly’s Guild acoustic, the music shifts seamlessly to recordings of the related artist, adding a cool private soundtrack to this guitar-heavy museum.