XGuitar with Built-In Effects Now Shipping

Alesis has announced that the company''s XGuitar is now shipping.
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The XGuitar is a full-scale electric guitar with integrated Alesis DSP technology that features eighty editable guitar presets, nine effect modules with over forty different effect types, and eight different signal routing options. The XGuitar also provides both headphone and line outputs.

By harnessing the power of effect pedals in a far more convenient manner, the XGuitar's eighty editable presets provide a wealth of opportunity for customizing one's sound. All presets can be modified using the instrument's nine effect modules and eight different signal routing possibilities. By employing the various signal routing options, guitarists can reorder the effects modules to their liking. The XGuitar features 28-bit effects and presets can easily be restored to the factory defaults. The XGuitar's presets include delays, amp and cabinet models, chorus, transposition, EQ, noise reduction, flanger, and a reverb rotary speaker.

The XGuitar also provides a built-in digital tuner. This added convenience makes it easier than ever to keep the instrument tuned, and eliminates yet another item commonly carried by guitarists. Featuring one dual humbucker and two stacked single-coil humbucker pickups, a five-position pickup selector switch, plus master volume and two tone controls, the XGuitar provides today's guitarist with a broad range of alternatives for getting the sound "just right". With an input for an expression pedal that can be assigned to everything from volume to wah-wah, the opportunity for creative expression is limitless.

Providing further convenience and flexibility, the XGuitar offers headphone and line outputs--making it easier than ever to practice silently or interface with other types of equipment. With the convenience of a built-in 1/4-inch TRS stereo/headphone connector, the XGuitar provides the flexibility to easily integrate into any musical environment. Plug in a standard 1/4-inch connector, and the instrument outputs guitar level signal. Connect a stereo TRS 1/4-inch plug, and the XGuitar outputs line level stereo that is suitable for headphones. For power, the XGuitar can run for thirty hours on four AA alkaline batteries. An AC power supply is optionally available.

For more information, visit their web site at www.alesis.com.