Wusik Releases VOX'd and The Second Wave as VST Instruments

Wusik.com has released VOX''d VSTi and also The Second Wave VSTi, two new windows VSTi sample-based workstation. Previously available as sound sets for the Wusikstation, they are now offered as standalone instruments based on the same engine, but without the original sound set.
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VOX'd encompasses vocal and voice samples and related waveforms produced with pop and classical music artists as well as designed synthetic choirs to new and unheard sounds. A total of 500 MB sound set of 1000+ voice and choir waves together with 96 presets. The samples used for the sound sets include Human Voice & Choir, Classical Solo Voice, Synthetic Voice & Choir, Physical Model Choir, 8-Bit Vox, Synthetic VoiceLayer, Instrument/Choir Layer, Synthetic VoiceChords, VoiceScenes, Repeat Voice FX, Vocal Phrase FX, Vocoder, Human Voice Percussion FX and processed Human Environs. The 96 ready-to-use presets are designed by sound creator Tim Conrardy. Evolving vocal pads, big as a wall choir layers, movie sound atmospheres, human percussion and sound effects.

The Second Wave (TSW) can create the typical Wavestation-style moving sounds as well as new and unheard sounds. Some of the samples are rather similar to the original, but a lot of completely new instruments were added as well. "The Second Wave" provides a total of 1800 multisamples/samples, including acoustic, electric and electronic instruments, vocals and percussions and sound effects. The 158+ presets are created using the layer option to combine these instruments and include Wavesequences where needed.

Both products are based on the WusikEngine, the same one that the Wusikstation VSTi uses. For more information, visit their web site at www.wusik.com.