WorkshopLive Opens Pittsfield Recording and Video Studio Facility

An important milestone was reached today, with the opening of WorkshopLive''s new recording and video production studios in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A unique ribbon cutting ceremony, representing many different musical instruments, opened the walkway to WorkshopLive''s new headquarters at the Guardian/Berkshire Office Complex, 877 South Street.
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A walking tour preceded a presentation which featured a distinguished list of speakers from public and private sectors. The city of Pittsfield was represented by Mayor James Ruberto, Mayor; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was represented by Ranch Kimball, Secretary of Economic Development. Both speakers are strong advocates of business growth in western Massachusetts.

WorkshopLive is a unique educational platform that delivers personalized and completely individualized music lessons through a broadband Internet connection. Its revolutionary graphic user interface changes both visual and auditory elements to suit the individual. WorkshopLive's patent-pending technology determines how each student learns best, then delivers the teaching options, lessons and learning environment that best suits the student's needs.

David Smolover, founder of National Guitar Workshop, Workshop Arts, and DayJams has assembled a team of capable executives to assist him in taking WorkshopLive to national and international prominence. The opening of its new facilities celebrates the company's state-of-the-art recording studio, and will enable it to produce the most dynamic educational music content available on the Web.

The Opportunity

"The traditional system for music education is under siege," said Smolover. "Schools have been forced to cut back or even eliminate their music programs Private music lessons are expensive and in many cases great instructors can be difficult to find. Meanwhile, online education has been embraced by individuals, schools, leading universities and corporations across the country."

WorkshopLive answers these challenges by offering the best music education directly to the consumer. Consumers would only need is a high-speed Internet connection.

In addition to public education's growing failure to support music, Smolover cited two other converging trends that have created an ideal environment for WorkshopLive's entrance into this market.

  • Broadband Internet access has reached 50% of American households, and is projected to reach 78% of American households by 2010;
  • Higher home broadband use is driving entertainment and lifestyle purchases totaling $413.5 million in 2004, almost double the $217.6 million total of 2003.

(Statistics based on OPA/comScore study of online consumers finished march 2005)

Smolover said the company's new in-house studio has been completed on-time and on budget, using contractors and construction firms from Berkshire County and other parts of Massachusetts. In less than five months, WorkshopLive has established its presence in the area. It has 18 full-time employees with additional hires expected throughout the summer.

Product development is on schedule for its Fall 2005 launch, said Smolover. Beta testing will begin in July, and more than 600 guitar and keyboard lessons, for unlimited use by paid subscribers, will be available initially when the product is introduced. The lessons will be delivered as a subscription-based service, with an anticipated price of around $30/month.

About WorkshopLive

WorkshopLive produces the most dynamic and engaging music instruction content on the Web today. Its patent-pending technology delivers the first truly interactive learning experience of its type, with visual and auditory elements that change to suit the preferences and abilities of the student. WorkshopLive incorporates more than 20 years of music education curricula to create hundreds of lessons for specific styles of music and a variety of instruments. Other divisions include Workshop Arts publications and summer learning camps, the National Guitar Workshop and DayJams. The privately funded company is based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Additional information is available at 413-358-9606.