WorkshopLive Launches Online Learning System With 600 Internet-Based Guitar And Keyboard Lessons

WorkshopLive, which produces dynamic and engaging music instruction content on the Web, today launched the company''s first 600 online lessons for guitar and keyboard. WorkshopLive is a unique online educational platform that delivers personalized music lessons through a broadband Internet connection.

Unique among e-learning systems, the company's patent-pending technology determines how each student learns best, then delivers the teachers, lessons and learning environment that best suits the student's needs.

"Because school systems are under increasing budget pressures, private instruction has become a welcome supplement to the overburdened public school teacher," commented Clem De Rosa, co-founder and past president of the International Association for Jazz Education. "And now, WorkshopLive represents a unique way to give personal attention, providing lessons and advice on-demand, anytime. In the spectrum of instruction book to human experience, Workshop Live is a most important innovative technology to assist both students and teachers."

Educator and author June Stride, EdD, commented, "Finally someone has brought together the elements that really get to the core of success...building on student passion and skill level while matching student learning styles with excellence of teaching. WorkshopLive's marriage of education and technology with music gives all of us the opportunity for customized learning in an exciting, affordable, manner that can't help but succeed."

David Smolover, founder of National Guitar Workshop, Workshop Arts, and DayJams has assembled a team of seasoned executives to assist him in taking WorkshopLive to national and international prominence. Today's launch brings that dream a major step closer to realization.

"Online education has been embraced by individuals, schools, leading universities and corporations across the country," said Smolover. "Broadband Internet access has experienced unprecedented growth." Greater home broadband use is driving entertainment and lifestyle purchases totaling $413.5 million in 2004, he added, almost double the $217.6 million total of 2003. "The need is there, the market is there, and now, WorkshopLive is there."

Subscriptions to WorkshopLive can be as inexpensive as $4 per week, for complete, unlimited, any-time access to hundreds of lessons. Students may practice and review lessons at their convenience, at home or wherever a high-speed Internet connection is available.

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