Woody B Guitars Introduces the Internal Combustion Guitar

Woody B Guitars introduces a new kind of guitar: the Internal Combustion Guitar.

Now available at internalcombustionguitars.com, the Internal Combustion Guitar vibrates your hands, rattles your bones, and speaks to your soul.

Guitars can be viewed as a kind of resonating machine. The Internal Combustion Guitar V8 and V12 give you added access to these natural vibrations and harmonics. This is analog, not digital. Even when playing synth patches you feel the note vibration. Use any outboard process you like with the flexibility of controlled sustain and power. You can even pre-modulate your signal.

Many players have experienced the exhilaration of finding that perfect spot in front of a good valve amp. You enter a zone of sustain, power, and string sensitivity. Now imagine controlling and enlarging this capacity even at bedroom levels.

Instead of forcing the resonate energy to the outside of your guitar, the Internal Combustion Guitar's proprietary driver system gently pumps it back inside. Then our coupling mechanism redistributes the controlled energy to your strings.

Woody B's are made of North American tone woods, the chrome is custom chopper quality, and the electronics are hand soldered American parts (even our pick-up rings are ebony not plastic). Excellent construction, durable components, and destined to travel.

For more information, visit their web site at internalcombustionguitars.com.