Wire Your Pedalboard with Planet Waves' New Kit

Pedal Boards can become an aggravating, confusing, nightmare of long, tangled cables. Customization of cables to specific lengths used to be a tedious, messy job involving hot soldering irons. Now, Planet Waves introduces the Cable Station Pedal Board Cable Kit, which eliminates all of those problems in one package.

The new Pedal Board Kit is a further extension of Planet Waves Cable Station solderless cable-making system. It includes 10 feet of instrument cable (marked at one-foot intervals), 10 right-angle Planet Waves plugs, and a mini cable cutter. The cable is double-insulated and has a braided copper shield for 100% shielding coverage, and the plugs are plated in 24-carat gold for improved signal flow. Planet Waves' patented compression springs ensure a positive connection.

The Cable Station Pedal Board Kit works just as easily as the rest of the Cable Station line. Users simply cut the cable to their desired length with the mini cable cutter, twist the plug on, and tighten the screw to finish their custom cable. That's it. No soldering, no complicated procedures. It's just cut, twist, and screw, and in less than a minute, a custom cable is ready to go.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planetwaves.com.