Whiteman Guitars Introduces The Drop Shoulder Cutaway Classical Guitar

Developed by leading British classical guitar maker David Whiteman, in conjunction with UK classical artist and author Richard Chapman, the Whiteman Drop Shoulder Cutaway classical guitar grew out of Chapman''s dissatisfaction with conventional cutaway configurations and the accompanying limited access to the upper frets.
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After accepting that an important design criteria was to respect the traditions of the classical guitar while taking the instrument forward in a practical, useful way, the pair settled on the offset shoulder design as being both practical and in keeping with the traditional beauty of the instrument.

Although this may have appeared simple to achieve, with the body joining at the 14th/16th fret considerable thought was required as to the subtle changes needed to the strutting, bridge position and body outline. The result is that without sacrificing tonality, the Whiteman Drop Shoulder Cutaway retains the balance, clarity and richness associated with the classical guitar.

While Chapman plays this guitar with a plectrum coupled with an ultra low action, the instrument works perfectly with the more conventional classical string height. Specifications include Sitka spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, scale length of 650mm, nut width 48mm, Waverly machine heads and French polish finish. Players can also specify Brazilian rosewood, birds eye or flamed maple back and sides, European spruce or Western red cedar soundboard, along with Rodgers machine heads.

For more information, visit their web site at www.whitemanguitars.com.