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Chris Taylor

Dennis Rea

"Freaky" Pete Murano

Jake Shimabukuro

Cover Story: Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

Max Cavalera

Johnny Hiland

Sharon Isbin

Larry Coryell

Ronnie Montrose

10 Things You Gotta Do to Play Like Cornell Dupree

Justin Derrico's Fricken Chicken Workout

Hidden Hammers—Sleight of (Picking) Hand and the Art of Sneaky Slurs

Quick Licks

Hey Jazz Guy

Roundup: DV Mark Galileo 15 head, DV40 212, and Bad Boy 120

65amps Empire

Cort Motor Oil 1 and Earth 100

Reverend Unknown Hinson Signature

Budda Twinmaster 1x12 Combo

Epiphone Emperor Swingster

Wilkinson ATD HT 440 Self-Tuning Bridge

Trailer Trash Pedalboards Pro Series

Tech 21 Roto Choir and Boost Chorus

Grid 1 Pedal Jeanie

Jacques Kashmir