Welcome to Guitar Players May 2010 Links Page

Welcome to Guitar Player’s May 2010 Links Page This is the gateway to all the extra info, videos, and other goodies selected by the editors for the MORE ONLINE “dashboards” in the May 2010 issue of Guitar Player.
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Welcome to

Guitar Player

’s May 2010 Links Page!

This is the gateway to all the extra info, videos, and other goodies selected by the editors for the MORE ONLINE “dashboards” in the May 2010 issue of Guitar Player.

Simply scroll down to the magazine section and article you’re interested in, go to the MORE ONLINE snippet you want, and click the link! Hey, that’s easier than playing the riff to “Smoke On the Water”!

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Hear the Hellecasters play “Inspector Gadget.”

Hear Tone Addict.

See the Cribs interviewed backstage at Bimbo’s, San Francisco.

Hear Steve Rothery discuss effects processing.

See the Wishing Tree perform “Fly” live.

Watch James Gurley and Big Brother perform “Summertime” in 1968.

Visit reamp.com for detailed information on re-amping.


Cover Story: Orianthi

Watch Orianti and Steve Vai’s disco moves on “Highly Strung.”

Check out Orianthi’s PRS Signature SE.

Metal: Kerry King

King shreds solo on “Dead Skin Mask.”

Now see Slayer rip through “Dead Skin Mask.”

Enter the Slayer galaxy.

Comment! What did you think of this article?

Rock: Steve Morse

Dig a jaw-dropping rendition of “Country Colors.”

Can you play this? Take Morse’s soloing lesson.

Acoustic: Guy Buttery

Magic! Hear Buttery turn his guitar into an orchestra.

Cool gear alert! Afri-Can oil can guitars.

Blues: Steve Dawson

Expand your stylistic horizons! Take a thrill-filled lap-style guitar lesson from Dawson.

Spooky stuff! Dawson accompanies himself on pedal-steel.

Learn more about Steve Dawson than you ever thought possible.

Jazz: Alex Machacek

Sneak behind the scenes to watch Machacek, Garrison, and Sipe record “There’s a New Sheriff in Town.”

Is Machacek a good replacement for Allan Holdsworth in UKZ?
Machacek reveals the secrets of 24 Tales.


Ten Things You Gotta Do to Play Like Joe Satriani

See Satriani play “Midnight and prepare to be blown away.

Check out all things Satch.

Drool over all the cool gear Satch designed.

GIT Lesson: Jimmy Wyble

Do you have what it takes to play David Oakes’ Wyble-style arrangements?

Watch Jimmy Wyble work his contrapuntal magic.

Quick Licks

Can you top this? Hear GP reader Rob Michael’s solo jazz guitar workout.

Punk out to a live version of Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

Joe Bonamassa Lesson

See Bonamassa rip through this exclusive lesson.

Watch Bonamassa throw down with Eric Clapton.

Bob Brozman Lesson

Thrill to the bottleneck master playing this lesson.

Get swampy! Hear Brozman’s righteous resonator licks.


New Gear at NAMM 2010

Comment! What are YOUR favorite products debuted at NAMM 2010?

See NAMM videos by the GP staff.

View NAMM photos shot by the GP editors.

Read the editors’ NAMM blogs.

Roundup! Vintage47 Amps

Hear Vintage47 founder David Barnes discuss his Valco-inspired guitar amps.

Get Vintage47 news.

Comment! Did we nail this review, or blow it?

Godin Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance and SR Technology Jam 150 Plus

Watch Benjamin Woods play the Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance.

Get Godin news.

Comment! Did this review nail it or blow it?

Roundup! Prestige guitars

See more cool Prestige Guitars.

Check out my February 2009 review of the Musician.

Fight Club! Citron AEG-12 vs. Veillette Gryphon

Hear Paul Brett play the Veillette Gryphon.

Learn more about the Citron ADG-12.

Comment! Did this review nail it or blow it?

Stompbox Fever! Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb and Pigtronix Aria

Check out the Cathedral’s killer Infinite Reverb sound.

Hear Aria Audio samples.

Watch the Aria demo.

Comment! Did this review nail it or blow it?

Snap Judgments

See the Voice Capo in action.

Check out a peer review of the ’59 Modified.

Watch Buckethead stretch his Stretch Strap.

Get specs on the ISO 5.

Cool Tool: Zoom Q3

See Q3 product video.

Comment! Did this review nail it or blow it?