Weevil Takes on the Tiger

Mac has steadily been the provider of cool new technology, be it the IPod, The ITunes Music Store or creative interactive system software for the rainbow of personal computers they''ve offered. Recently Mac has stepped it up by unleashing a new system they call Tiger.

Within each new version of OS X, it's a given that Mac users will find all sorts of amazing surprises. And the first of these is always a great little musical animation to welcome you to your next stage of life as a Mac user. Enthusiasts have discovered that past OS X introduction movies were accompanied by music from Kruder & Dorfmeister and Royksopp. This time with the release of Tiger - OS 10.4 - Mac users are being treated to yet another animated greeting, featuring "Bytecry" the music of London's own, Weevil.

Weevil formed in 1999 when Tom Betts and Jonny Pilcher first decided to combine their respective talents for creating electronic and acoustic music. The result was a gorgeous and exciting brand of intelligent electronic pop music sounding not unlike the Beta Band or the Postal Service. Later this year, America will be getting a taste of the band's American debut, Drunk On Light. The album will offer the tune "Bytecry," as featured over the Tiger welcome movie! In further support of Weevil, ITunes will offer a special exclusive download of "Bytecry" on the iTunes store starting June 14th.

For more information, visit www.apple.com/macosx/overview/.

For more information about Weevil, check out http://worlds-fair.net/weevil/index.html.