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GUITAR PLAYER INVITES all D.I.Y. artists and bands to share their guitar skills with our reader community. This opportunity is open to all MySpace musicians, or to any player/band with a Web site that has their music posted. All you have to do is go tomyspace.com/ michaelmolenda, add me as a friend, and invite me to your music space. I’ll check out your tracks and determine whether you get coverage in this column. (Non-MySpacers can simply send an invite to mmolenda@musicplayer .com.) Tracks are evaluated for creativity, composition, guitar chops, and audioproduction quality—or you may make the cut simply because your track is sur prising, interesting, or brilliantly awful. Good luck!
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This month, all eight artists reviewed in this column will also win fabulous prizes from Ernie Ball—an EB t-shirt, customized EB picks with your name on them, and a box of Slinky strings of your choice. In addition, your two best mp3s will be added to the playlist of EB Radio (ernieball.com). Congratulations to the December 2008 Big Eight!

Airshow Disaster San Francisco, California “Explosions in Slow Motion”
ASD pounds out commercial, radio-ready rock—which is both exciting and disappointing. High points are well-produced songs, catchy riffs from guitarists Ian Hartley and Jon Long, and relentless energy. But it all sounds like stuff you’ve heard before, and I think the guys are talented enough to develop a more unique sound. myspace.com/airshowdisaster.