Web Exclusive! Kirk Hammett Talks Playing Poker with Scott Ian

Although Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is busy finishing up his band’s upcoming release, Worship Music, he still finds the time to play poker. In fact, he he even has his own game on ultimatebet.com, Scott Ian’s Home Game. He recently invited some friends Slash, Jerry Cantrell, and Kirk Hammett to join him in an online tournament. Hammett didn't end up participating, but he had this to say about his longtime thrash buddy's card skills.
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 "I actually missed that online game," says Hammett. "I had the flu!!! But I've played Scott more than a few times, you know, around a big table with cigars and refreshments close by. Scott is very calm and very cool. He's got a great poker face for sure!
 I, on the other hand, am a very reckless, risk-taking player who wins more on a whim rather than on a strategy. Kinda like my improvising! But I always am looking for that wild-card aspect, the one thing that comes along that lifts the whole experience to a different level!"

Read more about Ian's poker face in the July issue of GP. —Matt Blackett