Web Exclusive - Jimmy McIntosh

Orleans to London [Arizona Club Records]

On “Biker Babe”—the opening instrumental of Orleans to London, Vegas session guitarist Jimmy McIntosh demonstrates a comfortable flow from rock to jazz and back—a la Scott Henderson and Robben Ford. The next tune, “It Was a Virus,” sports some cool metaphors comparing love to computer problems—courtesy of Penn Gillette of Penn and Teller. But while the contributions of three Nevilles (Ivan, Cyril, and Art), the wicked grooves of “Mean” Willie Green on drums, and the classic sloppy-rock guitar of guest Ronnie Wood, help raise the funky quotient, the rest of the tracks come off as more jams than songs. Still, before you dismiss this record as less than essential, check out the incredible riffing by yet another guitarist that graces the fade of “Virus.” Any fan of rock guitar should be able to quickly identify the mysteriously credited “Hot Rod” as none other than Jeff Beck. Beck lends his whammy workouts to two additional tunes, making this outing a must for Beck completists.
- Michael Ross