Web Exclusive - Jamie Fox

When I Get Home [jamiefoxguitar.com]

Elegant is not a word used very often to describe guitarists, but it fits Jamie Fox like a glove—an expensive driving glove. “Stylishly graceful, and showing sophistication and good taste” could easily refer to the music as a whole. “Executed, or made with a combination of skill ease and grace” might well be talking about the man’s considerable, but never flashy chops, as he negotiates the tricky turns of the opening tune, “Five One & A Half.”
And “satisfyingly and often ingeniously neat and simple” perfectly limns compositions such as “Ognat,” a tango in reverse (check the title). Or “Mine & Yours,” with its deceptively basic melody that changes in odd places, and its bars of two that never upset the lyrical flow. These are not easy tunes over which to solo, but Fox and pianist Kenny Werner make it sound as if they are barely breaking a sweat. Elegant indeed.
- Michael Ross