WATCH OUT for Misleading Mail

It’s come to our attention that some subscribers are being solicited for subscription renewals by a company unauthorized to do so. Please be on the lookout for official-looking mail claiming to be a “Notice of Renewal / New Order” from a company doing business as Magazine Billing Services, Publishers Billing Services, or other similar names, with return P.O. boxes in Salt Lake City, San Luis Obispo, and elsewhere.

These are not bills, and they are not from Keyboard. These solicitations are not authorized, and though we know of cases where renewals have been eventually passed on to us, we cannot guarantee that orders sent to them will ever find their way to us. If you’re ever unsure about the authenticity of a renewal offer, for safe and prompt service please call Keyboard Customer Service toll free at 1-800-289-9919 to renew directly with us.

—Ernie Rideout