Washburn's X50 PROFE Will Debut EMG Pickups At Winter NAMM

Washburn Guitars has made a new addition to their "X" series guitars by outfitting the new X 50 PROFE with EMG active, humbucking pickups. The X50 PROFE features an EMG 81 Humbucker at the neck, and an EMG 85 Humbucker at the bridge. The EMG''s active electronics give the player a hotter signal, enabling today''s guitarist to demand tones that they need. Washburn''s X50 PROFE''s EMG pickups produce tones ranging from shimmering cleans to crunching distortion.
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In addition to the new pickups, The X50 PROFE also boasts a cosmetic update, sporting a flamed maple top and a rosewood fingerboard. The flamed archtop of the guitar is available in Trans Red and Trans Black, ensuring that the natural grain of the maple is exposed to the eye. The X50 PROFE's rosewood fingerboard has a smooth and understated look, and an even smoother feel when played. The X50 PROFE's flamed maple top and fingerboard, streamline the look of a classic Washburn series.

For more information, visit their web site at www.washburn.com.