VPD1 Vintage Drive Pedal Released

Announced at Musikmesse, TC Electronic is now shiping the VPD1 Vintage Pre Drive pedal. Featuring an additional boost section, top and mid boost, remote control, and an integrated vintage-type speaker filter, VPD1 has a lot more to it than just overdrive. The pedal was designed to reproduce the warm driven vintage tones that result from a tube amp with the master volume turned all the way up.
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VPD1 features a unique circuit, designed to replicate every group of components in an original vintage tube amp combo, including the dynamic interaction that occurs between the components. In the VPD1 signal path, the boost section is placed before the drive, which means that the boosted guitar signal not only sounds louder but also more overdriven. This makes it ideal for switching from rhythm to lead guitar.

The remote function allows you to switch the VPD1 boost on and off with the new G-System from TC Electronic or any other external relay switching. Also included are top and mid boost switches for a more flexible sonic exploitation of the VPD1.

TC Electronic equipped the VPD1 with an integrated speaker filter, making it very useful for studio sessions and home practice. The speaker filter, which can be bypassed, is based on the same research as the VPD1 Drive, and underlines the vintage qualities of the new TC pedal.

For more information, visit their web site at www.tcelectronic.com.