Vox Now Shipping Series 22 Solidbody Electric Guitars

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Vox Amplification has expanded its guitar lineup with the ultra-affordable Series 22 double cutaway models, which are now shipping. The entire VOX guitar line now includes the Virage semi-hollow models; Series 77 semi-hollow models; Series 55 solidbodies; Series 33 solidbodies; and now the Series 22 solidbodies.

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Borrowed from the premium Virage series, Vox signature 3-D contouring provides the Series 22 mahogany solid-bodies with a comfortable playing fit, either seated or standing. In addition, Vox has introduced its SBE strap button extender system to provide the instrument with even greater balance while playing. Easy access to the upper frets is provided by the deeply cut inverse heel joint. Position dot markers conveniently adorn the rosewood fingerboards, which are mounted on mahogany necks.

The Series 22 guitars use the same lightweight MaxConnect aluminum bridge as the Virage, offering extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any-gauge string. Vox Super Smooth tuners provide the Series 22 guitars with enhanced tuning stability.

Electronically, the Vox Series 22 guitars feature two XLM compact humbucking pickups with two distinct voices. A three-way pickup selector routes the sound through the Master Tone and Master Volume controls for final sound shaping.

Available now in Black, White, Red, and Sunburst--$699 MSRP.

Product information is available at www.voxamps.com/us.