Vox Night Train

The Vox Night Train is an ultra small amp head that features two EL84 output tubes and a pair of 12AX7s. It  sports a chrome-plated steel cage and comes with a padded case for easy carry.

The Night Train can operate in Pentode mode for 15 watts or Triode mode for 7.5 watts, and its front panel has Gain Treble, Middle, Bass, and [master] Volume controls. There's also a 2-position switch that changes the EQ and gain structure to enable you to get chiming rhythm tones in the Bright setting and sustaining lead sounds in the Thick position. The Night Train is a simple affair with no footswitching capability or effects loop, but what it does offers is a great range of tones—from Vox AC15 flavored grind in the cleaner modes to a muscular overdrive sound that's reminiscent of putting a booster pedal in front of a late '60s Marshall 20-watter. The Night Train has excellent dynamic response and is capable of putting out impressive volume when running at full chat in Pentode mode. What a cool amp! Stay tuned for a full review coming soon in GP. —Art Thompson