VOX Launches Valvetronix™ Extreme Lead (XL) Series of High-Gain Modeling Amplifiers

VOX Amplification has expanded its line of ValvetronixTM tube-driven modeling amplifiers with the Extreme Lead "XL" Series. These new high-gain amplifiers are specifically designed and voiced for hard rock/heavy metal music and deliver the most aggressive VOX tones to date. Four combos comprise the line, including the AD15VT-XL (15-Watt, 1x10"), AD30VT-XL (30-Watt, 1x12"), AD50VT2-XL (50-Watt, 2x12") and AD100VT-XL (100-Watt 1x12").

The XL amplifiers feature amp models from the acclaimed "Chrome" Valvetronix series that have been modified and "hot-rodded" for the high-gain player. Eleven different models are provided, including classic vintage amps of the past, modern high-end amps and tube heads known for their high-gain, now taken to even higher levels. The models, which are named by musical style, include two essential clean tones and nine high-gain lead sounds spanning the history of metal ranging from "Buzzsaw," a driving sound inspired by '70s-era classic metal, to "Damaged," a devastating ultra high-gain channel capable of handling detuned and seven string nu metal. And as with all Valvetronix models, the XL Series incorporates VOX's patented 12AX7 Valve ReactorTM circuitry, for true tube-powered amp sound and feel.

The striking XL Series features grey vinyl covering with matte black metal grill for an industrial-looking, metal-inspired twist on traditional VOX design. Also new are upgraded speakers in the 15- and 30-Watt models, (10" and 12" respectively, versus 8" and 10" in the existing chrome series Valvetronix amps), which were designed to handle the high gain levels of these amplifiers.

Product details:
11 amp sounds -- all easily dialed-up from the top panel
11 preset programs -- 2 user programs, plus manual mode
11 high-quality effects (with fully adjustable parameters) plus noise reduction, complemented by a Tap button for quickly setting delay time or modulation speed
New Octave effect provides more depth and options for creating blistering lead tones
Manual mode (the sound reflects the settings of the knobs)
Adjustable power amp output Wattage (not available on AD15VT-XL)
External speaker output jacks (AD50VT-XL & AD100VT-XL)
Effect send/return jacks to connect an external effect processor in a loop connection (AD50VT-XL only)
Built-in line/headphone jack for direct recording or practice
Optional VFS2 dual foot switch to switch programs or bypass effects

The new XL Series amplifiers will be available Summer 2007 with U.S. MSRPs to be announced shortly.

About VOX Valve ReactorTM Technology
The XL Series amplifiers feature VOX's patented Valve ReactorTM circuitry -- a proprietary design using a 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tube, a virtual output transformer and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the reactive load of a real speaker. The Valve Reactor reconfigures itself so its characteristics match the amps it's modeling; all the nuances of the original amp -- sound, feel, and presence -- are accurately reproduced.

For more information, please contact VOX Amplification USA, 316 South Service Rd, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (631) 390-6500; Fax: (631) 390-6501; Web: www.voxamps.co.uk