VOX Adds VTX300 Neodymium Valvetronix Pro Limited Edition Guitar Amplifier Package

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VOX Amplification has added the Limited Edition VTX300 Neodymium package to their popular Valvetronix series of modeling amplifiers. The VTX300 Neodymium joins the VTX150 Neodymium in the flagship Valvetronix Pro Series. The three-piece VTX300 Neodymium provides the finest in VOX modeling, 300 powerful Watts and expansive VC12 foot control in a modern stack design.

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The foundation of the system is the VTX150 Neodymium Red combo amp (featuring red accents). This flagship model of the Valvetronix Pro Series boasts the next-generation EL84-driven VOX Valve Reactor, 44 amp models and a diverse selection of effects. Paired with the matching V112-NE Extension Cabinet, this system delivers an impressive 300 Watts of power. Both the amp and matching cabinet are each equipped with a lightweight and powerful VOX NeoDog (Celestion Neodymium Magnet) 12" speaker. Also included in the package is the advanced VC-12SV foot controller, providing extensive hands-free control.

First introduced in 2001, the Valve Reactor circuit uses a real vacuum tube to provide VOX Valvetronix amps with that all important true tube tone. For the VTX300 Neodymium, the Valve Reactor circuit has been enhanced, using an EL84 tube in place of the traditional 12AX7 tube to create a more accurate tube sonic signature.

The VTX300 Neodymium boasts 44 amp models – the most in any Valvetronix amp. For each amp model, the VTX150 Neodymium provides three variations – Basic, Effect and Song – delivering a total of 132 preset programs, expertly voiced and ready for immediate use. The Basic variation projects the true character of that amp model, and The Effect variation integrates the amp models and effects. The Song variation delivers a faithful recreation of the signature sound used by a famous guitarist to perform one of their classic tracks.

The broad array of effects is divided into two sections: Pedal effects such as stomp-box style distortion, wah and compressor; and Modulation/Delay effects such as chorus, flanger and tape echo. In each section, there are 11 effects to choose from. In addition, there are three types of Reverb (Room, Spring and Hall). With the addition of Noise Reduction, up to four different effects can be used at the same time.

The VC-12SV large-format foot controller provides two sweep pedals and a number of switches to control not only volume and wah, but also numerous other functions such as the parameters of each effect, offering a formidable amount of performance power. The VC-12SV foot controller also increases the number of user programs from eight (the number available without using the foot controller) to sixteen. The LED display is highly visible, even during performance.

In addition to the visual impact of a combo stack, the looks are further enhanced by flame-line accents in red anodized aluminum for a striking stage presence. The line output features speaker emulation, making it ideal for practice and recording. A line input allows jamming along to MP3s, CDs, etc. An automatic guitar tuner is built right in. Easy to set up, the VTX300 Neodymium offers the versatility of both sound and power required to perform in nearly any venue.

Product information for the VOX VTX300 Neodymium is available at www.voxamps.com/us. Pricing and availability will be announced shortly.