Vortex Flanger

The stereo Vortex ($129 street) offers two ways to get your flange on.
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The stereo Vortex ($129 street) offers two ways to get your flange on. A 3- way mini toggle selects between Tape, Flange, and whatever TonePrint you’ve loaded. On Flange, the Vortex is great for swooshy, classic-rock sounds, but it can also give you whistling birds, grinding industrial machinery, or spiraling staircases of otherworldly tonalities. TC has done an amazing job creating a pedal that can satisfy both the weekend warrior who needs to nail “Unchained,” or the sonic sculptor who revels in the kinds of sounds that would get you kicked out of a bar gig.

Tape is the more organic side of the Vortex, and it nails the signature swirl created when two tape recorders are made to drift in and out of phase with each other (typically by manually slowing one machine). The traditional flange sounds you can dial in here are juicy and inspiring, and you can venture into rocket-ship effects and other spacey timbres by simply tweaking the Feedback, Depth, and Delay Time settings. As the most far-reaching flanger pedal I’ve heard in a long time, the Vortex receives an Editors’ Pick Award.

KUDOS Stellar range of effects. Superb sound quality.

CONCERNS Could not get TonePrint to load.

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