Volume Pedal Round-up

Guitarists use volume pedals for a variety of reasons, and which pedal is “best” for an individual player depends on how it will be used. If you simply want to increase and lower your volume with your foot in the same way that you’d adjust the volume knob on your guitar, the only things you need to worry about are how well the pedal is constructed, and whether it colors or attenuates (i.e., “sucks”) your tone. If you are hoping to use your volume pedal creatively to get pedal steel or bow-like volume-swell effects, however, its response will be critical. You’ll want to know whether the pedal goes to full volume quickly or gradually, and whether you can adjust the response if the stock setting doesn’t work for you. You’ll also want to determine if the pedal feels good physically—is it the right size for your foot, is the treadle motion comfortable, and does it provide the right amount of physical resistance when moved?
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