Vlad Gheorghiu on Being the Opener

Guitarist Vlad Gheorghiu and his band, Jet Lag Gemini, just finished a tour in support of their album Fire the Cannons. They played to packed houses every night, partly because they were opening for the All-American Rejects. Here, Gheorghiu talks about proper supportslot etiquette.
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“When you’re the opener, you’re playing in front of big audiences that don’t know about you yet. It’s a privilege, so if the headlining band has rules, follow them.

“Always get on and off stage on time so nobody has to cut any songs. This is crucial, so time yourself at band practice. Anything over 15 minutes is too long.

“Invest in good equipment, but even better road cases. If an amp cuts out in the middle of a set, it can result in some awkwardness.

“Remember that the headliner is the big brother. You never want to piss them off—even if they boss you around—because in the end, they’re only helping you out.”