Visual Sound: 1SPOTCombo Pack

DESIGNED TO BE THE SIMPLEST POSSIBLE MEANS of powering multiple pedals, the 1 SPOT Combo Pack ($39 retail/$34 street) includes a specialized DC 9-volt adapter that takes up only one outlet space on your power strip (hence the name), yet packs a whopping 1,700mA output— enough to handle a large number of stompboxes, including juice hungry units such as the Line 6 DL4 delay. Connected to the Multi-Plug 8 cable (one is included) the 1 SPOT will power eight pedals with standard 2.1mm jacks. You can daisy chain additional Multi-plug 5 or 8 cables (available separately) to connect more pedals, which is a neat expansion feature for those who like to keep adding new boxes to their board. The Combo Pack comes with two battery clip converters (for vintage pedals that don’t have adapter jacks), two 3.5mm (r") converters, and an L6 converter for Line 6 modeling pedals. The 1 SPOT sports a 10-foot cable and has the added convenience of automatically adapting to any voltage you encounter when tra

KUDOS Simple and affordable power for your pedals. Easily expandable.
CONCERNS Voltage requirement of some pedals may be incompatible with the 1 SPOT.
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