Vintage and Paul Tebbutt Create Inspired New Line of 'Pilgrim by Vintage' Banjos

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Celebrated instrument maker Paul Tebbutt and Vintage guitars have joined forces to mastermind an all-encompassing new series of Pilgrim by Vintage banjos.

A guitar maker and accomplished banjo player, Paul was responsible for the cult line of Pilgrim bowlback electro-acoustics that appeared in the 1980s. Having recently reintroduced these much-missed guitars under the Pilgrim by Vintage banner, Paul has now been hard at work with the Vintage team to mastermind this new line.

 With classic designs and organic finishes that will appeal to beginners, progressing players and professionals alike, the range features fine tonewoods and premium hardware appointments, and reflects Vintage’s reputation for performance and value, along with Paul’s passion for quality, playability, tradition and tone. Each of the eight exciting new models brings something a little different to the banjo world.

VPB018 – 5-string resonator banjo
Incredibly versatile, the 018 has all the looks of an old-time 5-string resonator banjo. This is an instrument ideal for solo or band use, thanks to its adjustable tailpiece. Slacken it off to create that authentic old-time sound, or tighten it to bring out those ringing bluegrass tones. With a closed mahogany resonator, 18-bracket quality rolled brass tone ring, and a genuine Remo Weatherking Fiberskyn head, the 018 is a classic.

VPB045 – 5-string closed-back resonator banjo
The 045 features a walnut neck and shell, a decorative burr walnut closed-back resonator with 24-bracket rolled brass tone ring, and a Remo Weatherking Coated head. Particularly suited to bluegrass, the adjustable tailpiece allows the player to cater to a range of styles.

VPB075 – 5-string closed-back resonator banjo
The pinnacle of the new range is the beautiful 075 (pictured, left). Constructed with exceptionally high quality tonewoods and premium hardware, the 075 features a luxurious flamed maple closed-back resonator, solid maple 3-ply shell and 24-bracket top quality brass tone ring, with a Remo Weatherking Coated head. The 075 will cut through a band with aplomb and it will also ensure solo passages are given maximum vibrancy and delivered as clearly as a bell.

VPB05T – 4-string open-back banjo
A traditional short-scale 17-fret tenor banjo, the 05T is incredibly comfortable to play. Featuring an open back walnut shell and a walnut neck, along with a 24-bracket quality brass rolled tone ring and a Remo Weatherking Fibreskyn head and adjustable tailpiece, the 05T tunes to GDAE (like an octave mandolin) and produces mellifluous warm tones supplemented with clear, ringing trebles. Ideal for solo or band playing.

VPB007 – 5-string open-back banjo
An outstanding 5-string banjo, the 007 is a great option for the clawhammer or frailing banjo player. With a solid maple shell and maple neck, and featuring a 24-bracket “Whyte Laydie”-style tone ring and Remo Weatherking Fiberskyn head, the 007 is a professional quality, classically-inspired open-back banjo which will provide mellow tones to enhance the accompaniment to vocals and other instruments, with the ability to produce – when performing in a band context, or playing solo tunes – that all important, bell clear tone.

VPB09T – 4-string open-back banjo
The classic-style 09T is a 19-fret tenor banjo with an adjustable tailpiece. With its solid maple shell and maple neck, and featuring a 24-bracket “Whyte Laydie”-style tone ring and Remo head, the 09T (not pictured) is a professional quality instrument producing a vibrant, powerful tone ideal for playing solo, with a band, or for session work. It’s a very useful addition to any player’s banjo armoury.

VPB003 – 5-string open-back banjo
Providing the comfortable, warm tones of yesteryear, the 003 is a traditional old-time open-back banjo. The 003 features a 24-bracket rolled brass tone ring, walnut shell, and is fitted with a Remo Fiberskyn head, guaranteeing a mellow yet responsive and powerful tone. The 003’s walnut neck and expertly scalloped fingerboard ensure a banjo eminently suitable for players of all levels.

VPB002 – 5-string open-back banjo
Finally, the 002 Vintage 5-string is the ideal instrument for students taking their first steps to becoming a banjo player. The 002 features geared machine heads for accurate tuning stability, a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, a multi-ply maple shell with an with an 18-bracket rolled brass tone ring, and an adjustable tailpiece and Remo head.

Pilgrim by Vintage banjos are distributed worldwide by John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd., and all prices quoted are UK RRPs. For more information, visit the the Pilgrim website. The entire range of Pilgrim banjos will be on display at the upcoming London Acoustic Guitar Show at the London Olympia on September 10-11, with Paul Tebbutt at the JHS stand to explain, show and tell the story of his latest creations.

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