Vigier Guitars Releases Excalibur Bumblefoot Signature Guitar

Bumblefoot and Vigier Guitars are proud to announce the release of the Excalibur Bumblefoot Signature Guitar. After several years of close collaboration with Vigier guitars, Bumblefoot has now entered the very private club of Vigier signature guitar players.
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This amazing guitar features the pickup routing Bumblefoot designed, a tremolo, mounted on roller bearings, that rests on the body, a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets, a hardened zero fret and, like the other Excalibur, the 10/90 carbon fibre/maple wood neck system.

Finally, Bumblefoot's inventiveness has made use of a sewing thimble as a bottle neck. It's been conveniently placed on the guitar body so it can be easily used and replaced.

Vigier has been building guitars and basses since 1980 and was founded by Patrice Vigier. Vigier is recognized for its pioneer use of advanced carbon fibre technology, innovations and high quality products.

Vigier guitars and basses are entirely hand made in France.

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